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Info on what I offer - NellieFaithFit

6 weeks to Healthy Habits

This program is for those looking to start a healthier lifestyle.  Whether your goal is to get healthier, be able to walk up a set up stairs, be more active, or lose weight...this one is for you.  

This is soley for beginners, those that have taken a long break from fitness or those that have been cleared to exercise postpartum.  Women or Men welcome. 

What to expect:

*Workouts that start from square one that will progress with you throughout the 6 weeks

*You can access the program from my website, app or both

*Weekly goals

*Beginner help with macros and carb cycling to find what works best for you

*You will be invited to the group convo so you can talk to others with similar goals

*Open communication with a personal trainer (me) during the full 6 weeks.  You're encouraged to reach out, ask questions, share struggles or successes

You can sign up for this program anytime individually by venmo-ing me first, @NellieFaithFry and then clicking on the program and selecting “paid” after creating a profile. I will then get notified, check to see if you paid and then confirm which will allow you into the program.

You can message me first before paying if you have any questions.

Individualized Personal Training

Two Months  - $129

Postpartum plan - 2 months- $129

1 year - $599

With my personalized personal training program, you receive a program built on your needs and your lifestyle.  

You will start by answering an intensive questionnaire so I can get to know so I can get the first two weeks built.  We start with the first two weeks and then progress from there. 

Your program will be accessed from either my website or app.  

We will be able to communicate during your time with me and we can make modifications as often as we need to.  My goal is to create a plan that you can stick with long term, that will fit in your lifestyle and that you will enjoy. 

Do I need equipment for your programs?

Equipment is not a necessity, but it is recommended by weeks 3 or 4 while working with me. 

It all depends on your personal preferences and goals, but if you can get your hands on 2 separate sized dumbbells (lighter weight and a heavier one- example 5lbs and 10lbs) or bands then we can have some fun! 

Do you sell or recommend certain products?

I do not sell any products and I will never say that you need products to see progress.  I will say though, that products do make life a little easier.  If you are looking for products, I recommend checking out Bowmar Nutrition.  I am not an ambassador for them, but I have been using their products for about 7 years and haven't looked back.  If you are interested in trying them, I have a code that will give you $10 off your first order (and that will also give me $10 - so thank you)

Here are the products I use:

Vegan protein (Blueberry donut is my favorite- I use it in my overnights oats 5 days a week)



Colon Cleanse (IBS saver)


I also love their protein cookies and brownies

Here is this long link to use to receive $10 off, you can also use it to read blogs about all of the products.  If you have any questions, just reach out!

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

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